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Blue Fox, the manufacturer of the popular Chloraseptic Vibrax Spinners, has made a new range of Vibrax Spinners called “Blue Fox Vibrax Spinners” which feature an advanced technology with magnetic performance and an ultra-smooth action. This article is a brief analysis of Blue Fox Vibrax Spinners and will help you decide if they are worth a look before making a final decision on purchasing one of these spinners. Because spinners have come a long way in recent years from what they were, these spinners has had a major overhaul and they are a huge improvement on their predecessors.

blue fox vibrax spinners
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Magnetic Spinners These magnetic Vibrax Spinners is different to their predecessors as they use a magnetic field rather than static electricity. With a magnetic field you are able to have your users feel the spinning energy and it is far more effective. The users are not hurt by the spinning energy that is generated by the product. This in turn also means that the user is not pulled into the direction of the spinning. They can easily get away from the spinning because they are not sucked into it.

Blue Fox Vibrax Spinners These new Blue Fox Vibrax Spinners is far more stylish and modern than the old version. Gone are the old wire loop style of spinners. Now the user can use these Vibrax Spinners to perform all kinds of spinning that the old versions could not do. You can be sure that the user will find these Vibrax Spinners very useful for his or her practice routines. For example, if the user wants to be able to perform multiple repetitions of the dervish, the user can easily do so with the new Chloraseptic Vibrax Spinners. The use of the magnetic technology has led to a big leap forward in the usability of the product.

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