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Tiphia 30W LED Bloom Light has several significant improvements on the previous version. The price of the lights have been lowered a lot, and the prices are priced in accordance with the higher wattage bulbs. More money can be saved by the users by using only a single light or two.

With the help of the color temperature that is adjustable, the color of the light can be regulated from soft to warm for better mood lighting. It also has a warm white color tint which is very suitable for camping activities. This light gives a natural feeling to the customers and they become happy when they see the natural light shining brightly through the stained glass shade. The lifetime of the light is more than four hours and the brightness of the light varies according to the setting and the number of bulbs. The six-way switch of the light gives a comfortable feeling to the users.

According to the help of the video tutorials, the users have learned the basics of Tiphia and the users can manage this light well. This light has many other features, which makes it user friendly and easy to operate. In addition to these benefits, the Tiphia is a well built product. Tiphia does not have any difficult installation process and it is easy to install the light on the porch. In the future, this product is expected to be offered in the same style of amber color as the original Tiphia product. Another benefit is that this product is available in many models and can be chosen from the widest range of choices that are available in the market.

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