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The rod comes in six unique sizes, and you may decide whether you want only the rod and reel, or when you want Plusinno’s complete fishing rod kit. In the last few years, however, travel rods have noticed an enormous resurgence in popularity because of an unprecedented increase in quality throughout the board. Selecting the ideal travel rod means knowing exactly what type of fishing you plan on doing ahead of time.

travel rod and reel
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As if often true for combi-packs, the reel might also be found lacking and necessitate purchasing a replacement to find the complete advantage of the rod. Spinning Reels arrive in three primary types. They are usually a little bulkier than baitcasting reels which could be considered a negative for backpacking.

Both types of rods arrive in all kinds of power and action combinations to fit your application. The rod and reel combos can be employed by both beginner and skilled anglers. Rods are generally made from fiberglass or graphite. A challenging carbon fibre and graphite design, making the rod both lightweight and long-lasting. The more sections which you have, the smaller the rod will pack away and the simpler it is going to be to transport. Some kayak fishing rods have leashes to ensure it doesn’t get lost in the water. Picking an excellent kayak fishing rod is simple if you follow our guide below.

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